Formed in 2000 by Eduard de Guardiola – an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in multi-family investment, development and construction management, Vista Realty Partners has a distinguished history of creating significant value for its acquisitions and developments through strategic operational and capital improvements over its ownership period.

Vista and de Guardiola have built or acquired 60 properties totaling almost 13,000 units and $1.4 billion in total value. The company is currently focused on ground-up developments but has extensive experience in acquiring assets at discounts to replacement that offer the opportunity to increase yields through the execution of a value-creation strategy. Specifically, Vista targets investments that offer an attractive basis, with returns driven by quickly increasing NOI through improving daily property operations.

Core to Vista’s beliefs and values is its commitment to building diverse communities that meet the housing needs of multiple populations. The Company recognizes Atlanta’s need for communities that address a broad range of income levels and lifestyles. Vista is committed to being part of the solution that provides affordable, healthy and sustainable neighborhoods. Vista endeavors to enable all people to live in new, modern housing at a reasonable price point.

Vista Realty Partners is comprised of a vertically integrated team that executes from concept to completion through seamless cooperation between the development, construction management, acquisitions, design, and finance functions.
Vista Realty Partners utilizes an entrepreneurial, opportunistic approach to value-added investing that targets investment opportunities in multiple southeastern markets and asset classes using a core set of strategies founded upon years of experience and market knowledge. Strategies for investing in existing properties include buying distressed assets, assets requiring renovation and extensive capital expenditures, and properties that have been mismanaged. Vista is also well-respected in new, multi-family development. The company seeks out development opportunities in submarkets where the unbalanced supply and demand equilibrium provides the opportunity to maximize investor returns.

Commercial real estate has become increasingly competitive, with investment capital from around the world flowing to opportunities more quickly, making the capability to identify an attractive mispricing of risk and the ability to quickly close transactions critical in today’s market. Vista’s proficiency evaluating and executing these opportunities has proven to be a quantifiable advantage for the Company and its investors.

During calendar year 2015, Vista celebrated its most successful year in its history relative to successful property dispositions, closing on the sale of over 1400 multifamily units, generating over $131 Million Dollars in proceeds.
After an extremely successful 20 year career at the helm of the Company, our founder and current CEO has created a blueprint for the next period of growth for the Company. Central to this strategy is the creation and expansion of decentralized regional offices, headed by experienced real estate development executives who have a demonstrated expertise in the respective regions, and have successfully managed multiple projects from “cradle to grave”, over a minimum five to seven year timeline. Each office will be headed by such executives, who will be Managing Directors - Regional Partners of Vista, fully empowered to guide their region’s day-to-day activities, fully supported by the substantial financial capability of our founder.

The objectives and goals are straightforward: Create an environment and financial support system that empowers the next generation of leaders, utilizing and taking advantage of the vast knowledge, experience and relationships developed over the past twenty years to continue to execute strategic real estate developments and acquisitions that generate outsize returns for our investors and partners.

We are excited about the future of “Vista 2.0” and our ability to continue to meet and/or exceed the expectations of our investors and partners. As you will note from the map below, this exciting chapter of our Company has already begun.
Corporate Headquarters : Atlanta, Georgia
Regional Office : West Palm Beach, Florida
Regional Offices Opening 2021 :
Dallas, Texas
Charlotte, North Carolina
Regional Offices Opening 2022 :
Phoenix, Arizona
Nashville, Tennessee
Columbus, Ohio
St Louis, Missouri
Denver, Colorado